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What Simpsons character are you? What Simpsons character are you?
So, which one of the Simpsons characters are you most like? Take this test and find out!

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South Park Quiz South Park Quiz
Fancy yourself as a bit of a South Park expert? Let's find out!
Star Wars Quiz Star Wars Quiz
We have questions to test even the best Jedi Knights. May the force be with you!
Literature: Stephen King Quiz Literature: Stephen King Quiz
How much do you know about the King of Horror's books?
Dr Who Quiz Dr Who Quiz
Exterminate all the wrong answers and see how much you know about the Doctors!
Futurama Quiz Futurama Quiz
Have some space quiz fun with Fry, Leela, Bender and the gang.
Alien Quadrilogy Quiz Alien Quadrilogy Quiz
In space, no one can hear you scream. Watch out!

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Television > Breaking Bad Feb 2nd 2014
Music > Punk Jan 11th 2008
Entertainment > What Simpsons character are you? Dec 17th 2007
Television > Ugly Betty Dec 13th 2007
Science & Nature > Nature: Insects Feb 16th 2007

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2061652 Art & Literature - Art: Works 9
2061652 Art & Literature - Art: Artists 7
nickybnike What Simpsons character are you? N/A
nickybnike What Simpsons character are you? N/A
nickybnike What Simpsons character are you? N/A

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